Torzon Marketplace, a recent entrant into the realm of clandestine online marketplaces, emerged onto the digital scene in September 2020 and has swiftly garnered attention. Despite its relative youth, Torzon Marketplace distinguishes itself with an effortlessly navigable user interface, simplifying the exploration of its offerings. Moreover, it elevates security standards, outpacing numerous counterparts, ensuring a sense of tranquility for online shoppers. To delve deeper into the intricacies of this marketplace, peruse our extensive guide.

Torzon Market Review

Torzon Market has made a real statement since bursting onto the darknet scene in September 2022, wasting no time in attracting a number of big name vendors from around the world and already building up a solid customer base. The market offers physical products such as drugs (these being the most popular offerings), as well as digital products such as software and guides.

Torzon - Frequently Asked Questions​:

TorZon currently hosts over 5000 listings spread across the following main categories: Drugs, Psychedelics, Stimulants, THC, Fraud, Digital Goods, Counterfeits, Carding Ware, Services, Guides & Tutorials, Services & Hosting, Security & Hosting, and Software & Malware. Over 60% of these listings are for drugs, with Cannabis being the most popular subcategory, containing 417 listings. Most vendors are from the EU, but there are also vendors from the UK, US, and Thailand. Some vendors offer worldwide shipping.

TorZon supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) and utilizes the traditional market escrow system. This means that before making a purchase, your account balance must be funded. While some vendors have Finalize Early (FE) enabled, the market is still new and has yet to attract many experienced vendors. TorZon does not provide Direct Pay or Multisig Escrow options, so users must trust the market not to exit scam with their funds.

Overall, TorZon does not appear to offer much in terms of originality or unique advantages compared to other markets. Although the market has experienced slow growth during its first six months, its current users seem satisfied with its operations. While the support for Monero is a positive aspect, the absence of per order (Direct Pay) or multisig escrow options increases the risk of potential exit scams. Therefore, buyers should exercise some level caution when using this market and only deposit enough funds to cover one order at a time.


Registration / login process:

After getting past the captcha screen (which is simple enough), you then need to either login or create a new account. When signing up for a new account, as well as a username and password, you’ll be required to provide a 6 digit PIN (used as a means of Two Factor Authentication) and a personal phrase (a security feature to verify the site you’re using is the real Torzon Market). You will then receive a mnemonic code in case you need to recover from account in future due to a forgotten password. This code is also needed if you wish to reset your password or PIN, so don’t lose it!

After entering your username, password and the captcha at the login screen, you’ll be asked to provide your 6 digit PIN as a method of 2FA. Your personal phrase will also be shown. If you have PGP 2FA activated, you’ll be asked for this also. It’s clear the Torzon Market team aren’t messing about when it comes to account security.

Torzon Market Rules:

Prostitution, CP and murder services are not permitted. Neither are weapons. Dealing outside of the market through platforms such as Telegram, Signal etc. is also not permitted, a standard rule for all markets to prevent vendor scamming. Pretty standard darknet market rules.

New vendors can join the market by paying a $200 bond, although waivers are offered to established vendors. All purchases are subject to a 14 day escrow time, with no Finalize Early (FE) option offered. Whilst this is a positive from a buyer perspective, it may deter some large established vendors from coming on board, many of whom insist on FE. Time will tell whether the market decides to add this.

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